J. Michael Mollohan
Hello, it's me.

I am an Artist, Musician, and Writer -- not so much an artist anymore, though. Mostly I play my guitar in the living room or here in the studio for my own enjoyment. I do play out at least once a month, at Ron Sowell's Open Stage at Unity. Having been schooled in Philosophy and English, I continue my search for meaning through a pursuit of the arts. I attended West Virginia University and West Virginia State University, but never quite managed to attach any alphabetic appendages to my name. My art has appeared in seven one-man shows in the Charleston, West Virginia area, and in an Invitational Exhibit at the University of Charleston. Most recently I had a piece in a visual poetry exhibit at Harvard University

Over the past few years I have approximately recapitulated the art history of the past 100 years in my work. I feel like I am now ready to move past what has been done into unexplored areas, or at least into new modes of art that are not exactly the same as what other artists have done in the past. I was stuck for a while in the fauve and abstract expressionist eras, but now I realize I've been creeping past Warhol and Jasper Johns as well. Marcel Duchamp is still my hero, though.

I am completely unschooled in art, unless you count the Jon Gnagy show on television, an Art Appreciation class at WVU, and some art instruction books I bought, most of which were glanced through once or twice and thereafter languished on the shelves. I'm an experimentalist, a raw-vision artist, an outsider, but do not, in my own esteem, possess an untrained eye, nor is my work what you would call "primitive." I think a lot of my art exhibits some manner of sophistication and polish not usually attributable to "outsiders." But I could be wrong.

If you are interested in more mundane information, or are looking for a dynamic, innovative employee, have a look at My Online Resume. I am available on short notice for contract or freelance work of any kind. I am also interested in permanent, full-time positions.

John Hudkins, Art Critic for The Charleston Daily Mail, said, "Like many of us who struggle at being artists, Mollohan gropes, occasionally finds, but sometimes loses. . . His art is exploratory, cerebral, and contains a strong vein of personal symbolism. . . rich vibrancy, organic quality, and innovative design. . . highly recommended."

My "Art" includes Electronically created paintings, Mail Art, Visual and Concrete Poetry, Dada and Surreal Poems (as well as more traditional verse), Acrylic paintings, pastels, pencil drawings, collage, and constructions. A lot of my art and poetry blurs the distinction between literature and art.

My paintings and collages are in private collections from New York to California. So far MOMA and the Guggenheim have not seen fit to include any of my work in their collections. I have had pieces in Mail Art exhibits in Miami, Rochester, New York, and Quebec.

Recently my art work has appeared in several avant garde magazines and one of my concrete poem/collage pieces has graced the cover of Lost and Found Times, a literary magazine published out of Ohio State University. Invisible Books, London, UK recently published a Lost and Found Times anthology called Loose Watch (ISBN 0-9521256-8-4). My piece, "Press On New Leader-- how are you?" is on page 201. I had several pieces in X-tant 4 and other publications. I put out a chapbook of some poems in 2004. My expected book of visual poetry will probably not be published, although I can still hope.

Haiku Canada Magazine used one of my visual poems as cover art for one of their issues. Some of my poems have been featured in PoetryMagazine.com.

In the spring of 2005 one of my visual poetry pieces was in a show at Harvard. Some of my concrete poetry was included in a survey poetry class at the University of Iowa the fall semester of 2005.

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